Amrik Lehil

Amrik has been an electrician who has been working on new home and commercial sites in Richmond and Vancouver for over 20 years.
Amrik has a strong belief in punctuality, quality of work and is a leader in his field.

Ajaib Mann

Ajaib has been a low voltage technician since 1995 working on residential and commercial properties

in the Lower Mainland. He is a pioneer in his industry with vast knowledge and experience.

Gary Purewal

Gary has developed skills in the customer service industry before moving into the construction industry in 2010, where he has been working as a low voltage technician. His commitment and dedication to premium customer service continues to help him progress and develop his business to new heights.

Satnam Sangha

Satnam has 26 years of experience in framing. His attention to detail from start to finish has made him one of the best framers in the industry. He has exceptional experience working on residential and multi home projects in the Lower Mainland.