The Venetian Promise

It is simple - we will build your home the way we build our own. With over 75 years experience in construction and a proven history of completed homes, we are thrilled to offer custom home building to the Greater Vancouver area.

Custom Home Building

Our Services

We are a high-end custom home builder who focus on single and multi-family residential homes. We take pride in exceeding expectations and our philosophy has always been to assess and mitigate the challenges that go into building a home so that our clients can enjoy the building process as much as we do.

Our Process

We work directly with homeowners to ensure that the investment they are making in their home will leave them with satisfaction and peace. The first step is to identify the important areas of the home that will make the greatest difference in livability. We believe that the extra-step makes all the difference.

Our Guarantee

The team members of Venetian Homes Inc. have a long history of delivering quality work to their clientele. The ensemble of both skill and character is the key to the team's success and we guarantee that the best work is yet to come.


Pansy Chen, Realtor 

Nice to work with Gary. He is so helpful and professional. His team works very efficiently. Looking forward to working with him again!

Steven Yin, Client

It’s a great experience to live in a house built by Venetian homes. Great quality, high-tech, and nice design. Thanks Gary for the continuous help.

Rylan Oleksyn, Client

Constructing a home is a huge undertaking and it is important that you trust the right team to see it from start to finish. I am happy that I found this group of individuals to work with.

Connor Lang, Client

The guys at Venetian Homes are pros. I have done a lot of work with Gary in particular and the guy gets things done and always follows through on his word

Why Work With Us?

Our craft, passion, and levels of professionalism create a climate for long-term success and satisfaction. It would be our pleasure to work with you to bring your custom home to life.

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